Stewpendous Web Design Services UK

Stewpendous Web Design Terms and Conditions - last update (16/02/2012)

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before placing an order for a website. By purchasing a site you are agreeing to conform to the following terms. Any queries please drop us an email.

    Purchasing the Site
  1. Full payment is required up front on any site before work on the site commences.
  2. It is the purchasers responsibility to provide all website content specifically a company logo in electronic format and textual content for the site. Any logo design or creation is not included in the cost.
  3. If a "design only" package is purchased then it is solely the purchasers responsibility to purchase a desired domain name and required web hosting account.
  4. The transaction ends when the site has been completed, the purchaser confirms they are happy with the site and the site is then placed on the desired web space. Stewpendous Web Design then has no further obligations in relation to the site in terms of maintenance, up keep or future updates.
  5. By purchasing a site through us you agree that we can display a link to your site on our site as an example in our websites porfolio. To opt out of this you must contact us.
  6. By purchasing a site through us you agree to us displaying a small unobtrusive text link on your site showing we are responsible for the site design. This is non negotiable and editing or removal of this link breaches the terms of the website.
  7. The online purchasing and handling of your card details is taken care of by PayPal on behalf of Stewpendous thus we do not store any card details and the security of the online transaction is not the responsibility of Whilst happy to assist with any queries that arise concerning card payments ultimately we cannot be held responsible and any disputes regarding card fraud or security must be taken up with your card provider and PayPal themselves.
    Packages including hosting and domains
  1. All hosting and domains for hosting packages are purchased through the 3rd party company Stewpendous cannot accept any responsibility for any problems which arise from the hosting or domain services provided by the 3rd party hosting provider and we do not offer any guarantees with regards to their services. Any issues must be taken up with the hosting provider.
  2. Stewpendous offers no guarantees in terms of up-times of websites, again this is the responsibility of the 3rd party hosting provider who have their own terms and conditions regarding this.
  3. Only, or domain names are included in the hosting price - any others will incurr extra costs
  4. All domains will be registered in the purchasers name and renewal of domains is the responsibility of the domain owner and not Stewpendous Website Design.
  5. Hosting also needs to be renewed on a yearly basis for which there will be an annual charge - again this is the responsibility of the purchaser and not stewpendous or any related partners. The fee you initially pay for the hosting is for the 1st year.
  6. Stewpendous Web Design does not guarantee the availability of any domain names.
  7. The security of any information or data within a websites files are the responsibility of the purchaser and the hosting provider and not stewpendous.
    General Website Terms
  1. Stewpendous reserves the right to cancel an order at any point with a full refund to the total (no more or no less) of any monies paid.
  2. Stewpendous reserves the right to refuse a request for a website without reason. Any monies paid will be refunded in full (no more or no less).
  3. All websites are built from scratch using standard html and css code. Unless stated no flash movies or animations are included in the prices.
  4. Static pages are defined as pages only including text, images and hyperlinks. No flash, animations or dynamic content such as forms or database connectivity are included in any of the standard website packages unless stated or negotiated.
  5. What is included in the stated price for a website is decided at the discretion of If in doubt what is included please email us before purchasing.
  6. A site will include no more than the stated number of static pages agreed on purchase. Any extra pages will incurr an extra cost per page.
  7. Stewpendous websites are basic professional looking sites. We endevour to create a site to your specification but reserve the right to decline any requests for services / features which fall outside of our basic site guidelines.
  8. All sites are built taking into account basic site optimisation and include relevant keywords for search engines. However this is not a full SEO service and no guarantees whatsoever are offered on search engine rankings or positioning.
  9. On completion the site will conform to W3C validation where possible using the online validator at The site may require future maintenance to continue to conform to these standards as they change in the future. There is no obligation for this maintenance to be carried out by stewpendous and conformation to the W3C standards does not guarantee anything with regards to the sites performance in search engines etc.
  10. The purchase price does not include any future updating or maintenance of the website from stewpendous.
  11. Stewpendous reserves the right to alter prices of services offered at any time without prior notice although any quotes given or orders already placed will be fulfilled with the original pricing structure agreed on the original purchase. Our prices will change from time to time as we try to keep our prices competitive so please review all prices carefully before purchase.
  12. Stewpendous reserves the right to end any price offers with immediate effect without any prior warning. Again any quotes already given via email before the end of the offer will be fulfilled but for all other orders any new charges will take effect immediately.
  13. Stewpendous reserves the right to alter the services offered in all of its packages at any time although any orders already placed will be fulfilled with the original advertised services at the time of purchase.
  14. No refunds can be given on a site under any circumstances if the website code has been edited or modified in any way by the purchaser or any persons associated with the purchaser.
  15. All prices stated on the site are rough estimates. Please contact us for a quote before purchasing as the price may increase/decrease depending on specific features you require / do not require.
    External Website Links
  1. Stewpendous is not affiliated with any external websites mentioned on the site. Any sites mentioned are offered as suggestions and no guarantees of their services or legitimacy are offered by stewpendous.
  2. Any third party services are subject to the third party company's own terms and conditions and are nothing to do with stewpendous web design.
    Data Protection and Copyright
  1. Stewpendous will not without your permission forward your details on to any other external companies or themselves use them for any other purpose other than creating your website.
  2. The site purchaser takes responsibility for all content displayed on their site. Stewpendous literally inserts provided text on to the site and any thoughts, views, opinions given in this text is that of the site purchaser and not of anyone connected to Stewpendous. It is also the responsibility of the purchaser to make sure that they have gained the appropriate permission to use any images or text which they or stewpendous do not own the copyright to.
    Cancellations & Timescales
  1. Stewpendous only offer refunds in extreme circumstances at our discretion. If you have any issues or wish to cancel your order then please contact us at the earliest opportunity. The earlier you make us aware of a problem the more likley were are going to be able to sort it out to the satisfaction of both parties.
  2. Whilst Stewpendous endevours to complete a site within 14 days of the purchase date we offer no guarantees in terms of timescales as completion of the site also relies on the purchaser supplying the relevant information and hosting details thus taking the ability to quote a definite time out of our hands. To ensure a quick site creation please respond quickly to email correspondance and try to forward through required information as quickly as possible.
    Limitation of liability
  1. In no event will the service provider's (stewpendous) liability for any damages ever exceed the cost total of the purchased website.
  2. Stewpendous will not be held accountable for any consequential, incidental and special damages such as lost profits, lost business or lost savings of your business. You use our products at your own discretion and at your own risk.